What are HTTP 1.1 and HTTP 2.0 – Simple Explanation

Hello! HTTP 1.1 and HTTP 2.0 are two different ways computers talk to each other over the internet. HTTP 2.0 is like a new and improved version of HTTP 1.1.

HTTP 2.0 is faster and more efficient than HTTP 1.1. Like many pictures, it can send more information at once without waiting for one picture to finish before sending the next one. This is like when you can send a bunch of text messages simultaneously instead of waiting for each one to send them separately.

HTTP 2.0 also improves security, which means it helps keep information private and protected from people who shouldn’t see it.

So, HTTP 2.0 is faster, more efficient, and more secure than HTTP 1.1. It’s like an upgraded version of the same thing!