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The Largest Expense to Your Business is the Business You Could Have Had

How much business are you missing out on every week?  Is it quantifiable?  How much untapped potential is in your practice or business?   Since there is no ceiling to how much expansion is available to you in business growth, the largest expense to your practice is truly the business you could have had but which went to someone else.

Thousands of articles in hundreds of Google searches focus on, “The Top Ten Biggest Business Expenses,” the “Largest Ongoing Business Expense,” the “Ten Small Business Tax Expenses,” the “Hidden Costs of a Business,” etc.  In truth, none of these are exactly correct.  They may shed light on best business practices for shaving dollars off of the overhead, but they don’t touch on the real expense at hand, which is the revenue you did not get from the customers that did not walk through your front doors.  

Those potential customers went somewhere else, so the focus needs to be on how to get them through your doors in the future, not someone else’s.  Lost revenue from customers and patients who never came to your practice is the greatest loss of them all, not overhead dollars spent to run your practice.

Two Rules to Increase Revenue

As a practice owner, your biggest concern should be how to boost revenue for your practice, not on trying to reduce overhead.  Keeping overhead well-managed is important, but not nearly as important as increasing revenue is.  When you increase revenue, overhead will go up too, but the gap between the two will grow wide, and that gap is the profit margin. The wider the gap between revenue and overhead the better.  The best way to increase revenue is to simply:

  1. Make yourself known.
  2. Deliver exemplary service.

The wise saying goes, “If you can’t explain it in under sixty seconds, it’s too complicated.”  Extensive and wordy texts on increasing revenue through wordy and verbose marketing technologies tend to miss the mark as they overcomplicate the task at hand.  Increasing revenue is as simple as, again:

  1. Making excellent products and services known and,
  2. Delivering those excellent products and services.

The marketplace will “deal with” practices and businesses that do not deliver exemplary service regardless of how much those practices and businesses spend on marketing and advertising.  No one survives in business for long while delivering non-satisfactory service.  Increasing revenue must revolve around providing outstanding service and making it known.

How to Boost Revenue Through Best SEO Marketing Practices

Engaging appropriate and effective SEO marketing strategy through a business’s website in the effort of making exemplary service known to the broad public is the key to revenue expansion in the 21st century.  Wasting money on unproven marketing efforts through “scattershot marketing strategy” is not a dependable marketing method.  There are effective techniques for marketing one’s products and services online, but they are very specific, they are very targeted, and they are done by SEO teams that specialize in that niche.

Making your practice known is not a manner of simply throwing money at general marketing tactics. To make your practice known, it is important to work with an SEO and web design company that specializes in learning Google metrics for ranking practice’s sites.  An effective SEO group will be one that can implement Google metrics properly to create a well-ranked and beautifully-designed webpage.  

An effective SEO group will be one that utilizes location-targeted advertising strategies (like web copywriting with geo-targeted keywords) to pull internet traffic to your practice’s site.  This is just one of a handful of specialty SEO marketing practices that, properly applied, bring a practice’s website up, up, up, up! and front-and-center on Google searches.

At w3developing, we have no doubt that we can get you results in web design, web copywriting, and SEO marketing.  Our team has over five years of experience and thousands of hours spent in this specific, niche market.  We know that effective marketing requires a tailored strategy, specific to that business.  Businesses are as unique as snowflakes in the air, not two are alike.  Therefore, marketing strategy business-to-business must also be tailored and unique.   

At w3developing, our specialty is pinpointing the exact solution that applies to your business, be it organic SEO, optimized web content, Facebook management, Google penalty resolution, or another approach.  Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation on your current SEO marketing strategies.  No fee, no obligation required. 

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