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Web Design in Oregon, How to Hire the Right Web Designer For Your Business

Oregon based business are faced with the challenge of selecting the right web designer to ensure their time and investment is well placed. At the end of the day, the most important factor, in all the decision making is this question: did I make my return on investment?

If you are an Oregon based business, you have probably had to look for well experienced and competent web designer.

Oregon has a pretty constant stream of web designers, much in varying capacities of experience and skill. From freelancers to large corporate companies – all offering a variety of web design services.

You might ask yourself: which web designer is right for my company? And this is a very good question, because the truth is, you will likely put a lot of money and time on the line once this decision is made. And the end result could be the make or break point of your business.

Selecting the a well fitted web designer is critical.

Here are some tips for choosing the best web designer for your business.

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[x_icon_list_item type=”chevron-right”]Understand there is a difference between web design and online marketing. Although they both work hand in hand, technical programming skill and visual design brand marketing skills are very different skill sets.[/x_icon_list_item]

[x_icon_list_item type=”chevron-right”]Your investment dollars will be most well spent when your web designer or web design company is also competent in visual design and understand modern online marketing best practices. This includes, but is not limited to: latest social media trends, analyzing demographics, Google website analytic analysis, industry-specific best practices and cross device compatibility web design and development.[/x_icon_list_item]

[x_icon_list_item type=”chevron-right”]When making the decision to hire the web designer, look for real and valid case studies, specifically in relation to traffic generation, new clients or customers generated and the real juice that makes a business grow.[/x_icon_list_item]

[x_icon_list_item type=”chevron-right”]The ideal situation for any business is to hire a web designer or web design company that has individuals, specialized in each of their skill areas to ensure the overall end result is desirable, effective and most importantly guarantees a return on investment.[/x_icon_list_item]

[x_icon_list_item type=”chevron-right”]At the end of the day, the most important factor, in all the decision making is this question: did I make my return on investment? If you can answer yes to that question, than you know you have hired the right web designer or web design company. That is the simple and most important question about your web designer.[/x_icon_list_item]

[x_icon_list_item type=”chevron-right”]Now, of course your overall goals and ideals are all important in relation to your company, its appearance and overall public perception. You could spend a year investing in an online marketing strategy or new website that won’t turn a profit until year 2. And this is often the case. So don’t fool yourself into thinking you should make your return overnight or in an unrealistic period of time. All the more reason hiring the right web designer the first time is so important.[/x_icon_list_item]

[x_icon_list_item type=”chevron-right”]Hire a web designer that you feel comfortable with (in terms of their confidence and provable results) and bring them in for some small web design or branding tasks. Try to get a feel for the web designers way of thinking, working and production ethic. You can ask yourself these questions, and if you can answer yes, you are likely going in the right direction: does this web designer talk the talk and walk the walk? does this web designer seem to really know what they are doing? Does this web designer answer my questions in a way I can really understand? Does this web designer seem honest and follow through with agreements?[/x_icon_list_item]


The web designer selection tips above are not meant to be an exact guide to hiring, but more a practical outline of things to consider when you are serious about your business and want to bring it to new levels.

The only way your business can expand online is by smart, tactical and effective web design and online marketing by the truly experienced.

Good luck on finding your perfect web designer, and yes, I am speaking to you, Oregon!

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