Google Analytics – Setting up the Tracking Code

How to up the tracking code is one of the most asked about questions. Setting it up can appear formidable to those not familiar with the code of a web page. The following is an outline of how to do this.

Even so, it’s actually a very simple process. The questions typically arise about “where to find or access the native code of a website.” The next most common question is “where do I place the code”

If you are using a Word Press site (highly recommended) there is typically a place to enter this code in the “set up” section of the template you’re using. In fact in most CMS (Content Management Systems) sites there will be a box to enter this code. This is the simplest method.

It gets a little more complex if it is added directly to the code of the site. All you have to do in this case is to access the native code in editable format. An HTML editor is the most common way to edit at the code level.

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If you require more assistance connect with someone who knows how to do this or can do it for you.