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PC to Mac Experienced Review

I’ve been computing since 1985. My first computer was an Apple IIc.

My early experience with these products is very memorable and rewarding.

One of my first observations was the design differences of my Apple IIc and my neighbors Commodore 64.

Although I was experimental with my dad’s financial apps, gaming was all I was interested in. Carmen Sandiego, Astroids and the likes.

I’ve been using PCs and Mac products until present. Although I must confess 90% of my day to day production is on an iMac, MacBook PRO, iPad Mini and of course iPhone 5s.

Mac products are largely reliable and predictable but like any electronics they can and will fail eventually. How detrimental this failure is has most to do with being prepared for disaster – bit that’s another topic.

The beauty of Mac products is their proprietary parts design. This ensures each product or accessory designed and created by Mac created for the Mac product. This leaves very little room for component incompatibilities.

This is a double edge sword like most technology solutions. PC products can mix and match many parts and components in a very different way but not all components are as compatible and performance can vary greatly!

Mac provides Genius Bar support which is a generally consistent experience and the techs are trained Mac products and can give consistent and accurate advice to resolve problems.

Downside of Genius Bar Mac stores won’t install anything they do not sell in store and if you need a new internal hard drive you will need to go to a 3rd party Certified Mac repair shop. Or you can take it on yourself.

For the reliable modern demands of general or advanced media creation, design, Mac products are hands down 100% more adequate and sufficient for professional level needs.
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